Friday, August 28

Sonnet Home!

Sonnet returns from Santa Fe following a week with her parents, Uncle Shelton and Bridgette, Uncle Bill and Aunt Robin and Ray. Together they see two operas, several concert recitals, museums, galleries and the Native American (or Indian?) market which is the largest of its kind and offers wonderful jewelry, tapestry, stones, paintings and the like. She also hits Target for the kids winter wardrobe, God bless. Madeleine is all chatter in car ride to the airport and we re-hash Wednesday's kennel interview. She is quite happy of her performance but, "really, dad - it is all about bringing home a dog" and I certainly agree. As for Sonnet, she is in one piece following a long journey and happy to be home, as we are thrilled she is here. Just in time for the Bank Holiday week end which will be spent packing in preparation for the Big Move.