Friday, May 3

Paris Qualifier

Mahamed Mahamed was a quiet age-group runner and the same age as Eitan so we would see him at the UK track and x country competitions. He was a skinny kid who had a strange gate but was fast and could run forever. On the longer distances Mahamed Mahamed would lose count on the track so his mom or dad would belt out the laps. Mahamed Mahamed re-emerged at the London Marathon couple weeks ago finishing 4th overall with a time of 2:07.05, which qualifies him for the Paris Olympics.

Looking fine

Happy 50th Posh

James and I catch up at his wine club, 67 Pall Mall, starting with a bottle of French champagne - v decadent. James is Partner at Astorg and an Englishman by habit and nature, though part of his education in Paris so he is fluent in French, as one has to be at this firm. James is working, post acquisition,  on the carve-out of Fastmarkets from Euromoney, which Astorg acquired last year - Fastmarkets provides access to over 5,500 prices on commodities in ag, forest, metals and mining and new generation energy - a niche leader in a mission critical area of the global economy - a company no one has ever heard of but we cannot live without. 

James completes The Times crossword puzzle every day on the train ride to St James's Sq.