Sunday, August 10


Aunt Robin sells her jewelry in Ridgway. She is a natural and people gravitate to her and her wonderful Southwestern rocks. The kids are excited by the spare ribs and train rides around the grounds. It is a local affair and the setting spectacular. Robin and Ray drive from Le Veta and they are surrounded by many people they know including neighbors who also have booths. Me, I sit in a fold-out chair, drink excellent coffee and people watch - certainly a different crowd from London and fun too. Their are teenagers holding hands (Eitan aghast), women shepherding their husbands to various crafts (Stan says "crap" and I "crapola") and families running amok. OK, ours. Anyway it is a nice day in a small town in America. We are privileged.

The Olympics open with a bang! as Michael Phelps sets a world record and blows out the field in the 400 individual Medley. He is impressively cool and relaxed - which must scare the bejesus out of his competitors. Could he be my hero? It is either him or Dara Torres, races one of the fastest relay split ever but it is not enough for Gold, which goes to Netherlands. Heroes are hard to come by these days and here are two bona fides.