Friday, August 28

South Thames

Sonnet and I catch a train to London Bridge to visit our solicitors and complete the purchase of 45 York Avenue, now officially our new address from 1 September. Afterwards we have lunch on Bermondsey Road famous for its market and a cool-edgy part of town. A flat here in one's 20s would be ideal - surrounded by clubs and bars+art and culture. It feels a shade run down and dodgy yet the old brownstones majestic and aged perfectly. Afterwards we kick around the river and I take photos - here, facing North. I have no idea the buildings nor ever inside, which I find surprising sometimes. My job, after all, to meet people in high places with nice views. Also pictuered on their put-put, HM Coastguard - I recall their recruiting posters on the underground showing some dudes ripping up the water; the caption: "All this before 8AM" and thinking - good, God, imagine doing it all day? I suppose many people trudging along to their office in over-jammed cars would. I am glad I gave up the City and commute some years ago.

Sonnet tired from her trip but puts up with my ongoing commentary about this and that - a couple kissing, why tourists photograph pigeons, that building which is ugly - this sort of thing. At one point I ask her if she thinks I am intersting? since she sure hears enough from me. In return for her patience, I do give her my full and uncompromised attention so I suppose a fair trade, if not surely a better deal for me.