Friday, March 22

The Fixx

Anthony and I meet up to see 1980s new wave rock band The Fixx. Beforehand we have dinner at a suitably trendy North London spot where Ant knows the owner then I get a lift in his electric bike which makes me a bit uncomfortable as cars wizz by. 

The Fixx opened for The Police's "Synchronicity" tour in 1983 and at the peak of their powers. Their album, Reach The Beach, is one of the few I listen to from soup to nuts every few years or so. The others ? Pink Floyd's Animals and The Wall; Beatles Let It Be and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; Koyaanisqatsi; Prince's 1999 and Sign O The Times. Green Day "American Idiot". Not that many.

In other news, Eitan has settled in to his life in Washington DC, living in a brownstone with four other young people and working 9-5 at the Progressive Campaign. Having scant news I consider to be a good thing.