Friday, March 22

On Nutrition

Post swim daily
I am experimenting with sports nutrition as I train for swimming.  Accordingly I have pre-swim nutrition (Gu gel), during-swim nutrition (Gu; SIS Go Electrolyte; High 5 Electrolyte; Coke drained of its fizz and sugar added; ISO Isotonic drink; Ovaltine with water; ginger cordial) and post-swim nutrition (High 5). Each is measured to the teaspoon and mixed into a one litre bottle of water for rapid consumption.

Admittedly the sports drinks are for exertions of 90 minutes or more and , since my workouts are about an hour, they don't really do much. The aim is to find the ones that don't make me sick for longer efforts. To judge, c half-way through a training session I guzzle the full litre and see what happens. So far, I like the Coke best.