Thursday, July 4

So Far Ago

Matt Dillon is old now

Nothing makes one feel, well, old, than seeing a film cherished from  way back when. In this case, Madeleine and I watch "My Bodyguard" about a bully who gets his comeuppance - in short, something an 11 year old can get into, as I did in 1980 and Madeleine does now. 

I saw "My Bodyguard" with Katie and Maggie and a bunch of Barracudas on a summer week night, no school, but morning swim practice nonetheless. We exited the Oaks Theatre (long gone) on a warm night ,  all the world good.  The film a hodgepodge of future talent: Matt Dillon, Jennifer Beals (Flashdance), Joan Cusack . .  kids reading this blog now have no idea who these people are but for me it was our yuf.

Me: "Let's watch a movie, me and you kid."
Madeleine: "Yep."
Me: "You're going to love it, though there is a lot of sex."
Madeleine: "No there's not! It's PG."
Madeleine: "Really, Dad, that's not very funny."