Friday, July 5

Guy Sap

Here is Guy, backbone of the Northern California liberal establishment, former legal defender of the Black Panthers, ex President of the Sierra Club, part owner of the Oakland A's, on the Board of the Oregon Shakespeare festival, friends with Lew Wolff, Alice Waters and Jerry Brown, Governor of the Great State of California.

Guy's survival given less than 5% following multiple organ failure during a routine operation several years ago. Last week we walk the Huckleberry Trail in the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve in the East Bay.

Me: "Hey, Madeleine, I've got a big surprise for you."
Madeleine races into the kitchen, breahless: "What is it?"
Me: "You are going to love it. We can get started on it right now."
Madeleine: "Is it a mini iPad? Is it?"
Me: "Books. Maths. English and history."
Madeleine: "Thanks, Dad. Won't be reading those."
Me: "Now that it's summer vacation, let's get going today."
Madeleine races up the stairs.
Me: "I am serious, you know . .!"