Sunday, March 17

To The Finals

The All Stars play Stratton in the Surrey Cup semi finals - they are one of four teams of 400 who remain in the tournement.  Coach tells the lads to relax and adds helpfully: "This is the most important game you have ever played."

Elm Grove brings their best game, too (Stratton defeated the All Stars 1-0 last season) and, after two halves, the score zero-zero. Each side takes their chances and Eitan does an excellent job disrupting Stratton's forward attack.  Suddenly we find ourselves in extra periods : 2X seven minutes. If neither side succeeds, the dreaded PKs.

Anthony joins us for the action and treated with some of the best football of the year. In the end, with two minutes in the second over-time, Stevie chases down a perfectly dropped ball and fires a shot  .. . which angles towards the left goal poste .. we hold our breathe to see which way it goes - and it is in! The ref blows the whistle and the All Stars will play the final in a proper stadium in April.