Sunday, March 17


Vs. Stratton

From the pitch to the pool as Eitan spends the afternoon at the Surrey Swimming Championships to compete the 100 meter freestyle (time: 1:06); 200 butterfly (2:53, DQ) and 100 backstroke (1:19). He is just outside National qualifying time in several events. Madeleine left out of the competitions this w/e but I take her to swim practice Saturday evening and she seems OK with that.  

Halley and Zoe with us this evening as Zoe renews her passport.  She prepares for her GCSE exams in several months.

"I have to say that Eitan was unbelievable today. He made a player who has scored for fun all season, look like he wasn't ever there today... Eitan is one of the kindest and most talented boys I have ever met."
--Elm Grove coach Marc in a text to me and Sonnet