Sunday, January 27

Mad Men

Lars and Puk last night

Madeleine's drama try-out goes well and she is satisfied with her performance. From there, it is Alex's birthday party - Madeleine reconnects with her Sheen Mount gang as though no time passed.  I know she misses her final year at SM but she also enjoys Emanuel and the initial shock-transition behind her.

Eitan bakes a banana raisin cake to sell to the neighbourhood.  Lars points out that he, and other neighbourhood Danes, unable to find a certain type of Danish whole grain bread - a hole in the market ? Eitan, for now, focuses on the sensuals.

Me: "How can you listen to that stuff on the radio? It's terrible."
Eitan: "No it's not."
Me, singing something I heard on Capital FM : "I know by your look that you gotta little crush.  The bulge in your pants it makes me wanna blush."
Eitan: "Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Me: "How can you stand it?"
Eitan: "I dunno. It's just good."