Saturday, January 26

Annie Hall

Annie Hall, which I watched for the first time in jr. high, provided the first insights into an adult relationship. I saw it next at the Avon Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island (Midnight showing) and then again this afternoon with Eitan.  Annie's growth (contrasted to Alvy's stagnation) presents the movie's tension - she moves on leaving Alvy stricken.  I love California portrayed as a cultural wasteland ( yet such an inviting contrast to Manhattan).

The best scene in the movie BTW when Alvy and Annie Hall at a deli and she orders a pastrami on white bread with mayonnaise and tomato and lettuce. Woody Allen's eyes roll (my photo from the TV)

Alvy is invited to try cocaine.
Alvy: "I don't want to put a wad of white powder in my nose. There's the nasal membrane..."
Annie Hall: "You never want to try anything new, Alvy."
Alvy: "How can you say that? Whose idea was it? I said that you, I and that girl from your acting class should sleep together in a threesome."
Annie Hall: "Well, that's sick."
Alvy: "Yeah, I know it's sick, but it's new. You didn't say it couldn't be sick."