Saturday, October 1

Happy 01 01

I return in time for Eitan's birthday and ask what many parent's do when they see their kids growing up: "How did that happen?" Yes, eleven years old.  Madeleine gets him goldfish which Eitan names "Misha 1" and Misha 2".  Don't ask me why.  His other Big Gift a phone which  he selects with great care, Dear Reader, on the High Street , palming the many styles and cooing over each's "feel".  He chooses a "smart" phone "with games already there!"  I think three of his pals have a mobile and Eitan excited by the possibilities: three people to text! Anthony comes over to celebrate (his shadow, pictured) and we talk about apps and various models, why Macs rule and so on and so forth. I BBQ since London achieves record warm-temps for Sept. Eitan bakes his cake.

But let us not digress : Eitan goes into 11 full of joy and enthusiasm : he loves his football, Hampton School awaits, and ManU on top of the Premiere League.  He is a dedicated swimmer and can count his best friends on one hand which, Moe once told me for myself, counts him for a lucky man. I could not be more proud of Eitan.

Madeleine: "Mom, would you have wanted to get a dog?"
Sonnet: "It was three against one. I didn't stand a chance."
Madeleine: "Can we let Rusty upstairs?"
Sonnet: "No. I draw the line."
Madeleine: "Three against one. You don't stand a chance."
Me: "I would back off on this one, kiddo."

Madeleine: "Is it true David Cameron wants to bring back the cane?"
Me: "Did you read that in the newspaper?"
Madeleine: "Eitan told me. He said David Cameron wants to cane some kid in school."
Me:  "I think you're safe."
Madeleine: "Eitan was probably lying anyway."
Me: "Probably."
Madeleine, after a thoughtful pause: "But I wanted to make sure."

Madeleine: "Why do they have poisonous snakes on a farm?"
Madeleine: "I guess they can have anything on a farm. If it's Australia."