Monday, September 5


Laurance in town for the day between Croatia and California so Lars and I visit him for lunch in South Kensington.  Laurance's career continues at hedge fund Passport Capital, which made a mint shorting the sub-prime market, while Laurance manages $700 M of energy stocks - specifically, horizontal drilling , which reminds me of my first valuation at First Boston, Burlington Resources, who introduced this concept increasing their proven and probable reserves but some factor.  That was 1989. Laurance up 60% this year and similar performance in 2010. Nice going.

I have known Laurance since the Internet go-go years when he started a company that made it out of block but failed to cross the finish line, like many of us early Internet jockies. From London he moved to San Francisco and investing, married in Carmel Valley, and bought a chunk of land off Lucas Valley Road which looks over rolling hills to the bay.  I had no idea you could still do this sort of thing.  Laurance designing, and building, a house so he and his wife take an architecture class. Now that, we can all agree, the way to go about it.

Me: "Are you ready to go back to school?"
Madeleine: "Yeah, I'm really excited about it."
Me: "Great, what are you looking forward to most?"
Madeleine: "Art class on Thursday. Every Thursday, at lunch, I think: Art class is next and I am really happy."
Me: "It's nice to have things like that."
Madeleine: "Yeah. But sometimes I don't  like Sundays though."
Me: "Me, too. I used to get really anxious. All that work ahead."
Madeleine: "Do you still have that?"
Me: "Not as much but sometimes. Monday is my second favorite day of the week. B/c I can get stuff done."
Madeleine: "What's your first?"
Me: "Friday."
Madeleine: "Me , too."