Monday, June 16


Since First Boston seems to loom large in my memory, here is a photo of their then HQ, 55 East 52nd Street where we occupied the top four floors. This is Midtown and when the power nexus moved from Wall Street, First Boston wanted a power building, designed just for it (the firm also owned a similar buidling "T49" on 49th Street which is sold and leased-back in '89 to manage cash-flows). For a kid right out of college it didn't seem too unusual - doesn't every office have a view afterall? From the West Village, where I lived at 6th and Waverly, I took the subway to 52nd Street and made the two block walk to the lobby and up the up-elevator manned then by black men dressed in elevator-clothes. Almost all the bankers were white but there were one or two exceptions. I wonder how they felt about this? So there I went, armed with zippo accounting and finance, I strolled into work dreaming who knows what? to be slammed by m&a in the late 1980s. What a time. As Eric once said: "It was a war zone, bud." We still recover I suppose. At least there are some hellishly funny stories which we re-tell whenever we are together or have the chance.