Tuesday, March 1


We pay "Uncle" Anthony a family visit Sunday - Anto lives in Islington, the cool part of town, and has moved into a sweet apartment overlooking London's chimney tops. While Anthony from Australia where his family own a farm and wine vineyards, he also has an Italian passport so Sonnet and I quietly discuss beforehand: can he cook? Despite his once working at restaurant-club Soho House and now holding a gig where he tests the bar drinks, his culinary skills never put on offer. At least to us. So we are delighted by his mushroom risotto served with a nice red wine. Anthony's business, Barmatrix, going great-guns and he now has 42 locations signed up serviced by 5 employees. At some point when Anthony starting his business I queried how many clients required to break even and the target was 15 or so.

Me: "Are you still happy with your haircut?"
Madeleine: "Yep."
Me: "Has anyone commented on it at school?"
Eitan: "Some kids in my class said she was weird."
Madeleine: "No, they didn't Eitan. That said I was 'a nutter.'"
Me: "And did you defend your sister?"
Madeleine: "No!"
Eitan: "I said 'she can do what she wants to do... '"