Sunday, June 28

Sanford And Others

Farah, and as importantly her form of anal cancer, overlooked by Michael Jackson's death

A fellow happily relieved by the pop stars attention-deflecting end (in an Alistair Darling sort of way) is South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford - the "family values" scum bag who went MIA to Argentina to stick it in his girlfriend despite his wife and four kids. The disappearance followed a bruising completion of the political term where the state assembly overturned ten vetoes imposed by Sanford on new legislation, and had won a legal battle to force him to accept South Carolina's quota of the $787bn federal stimulus package despite his avid opposition to the scheme. 

Ok, we all need a little relief, I appreciate, but there are better ways like basketball. Sanford's wife had been aware of the affair for five months, having discovered incriminating letters; she received her husband's pledge that he would never dally again. Fat chance. Of course the Governor A) refuses to step down and B) used tax-payer funds for his excursion. 

The hypocrisy amazing - Sanford and other Republican adulterers like David Vitter, John Ensign and that fat fuck Newt Gingrich boinking his junior assistant - each pursued Clinton's impeachment (Newt gets extra points for doing so while shagging the intern). 

The Democrats have done no better on many notable occasions (er.. Clinton. And Edwards - now that guy a real work. There may even be a sex tape made by his mistress Rielle Young) but at least they aren't selling themselves as all morally superior, church going Ward and Judy Cleavers. Then again, the Republicans are just damn entertaining right now - how enjoyable it is to see these politico blowhards and liars caught out for the same weaknesses they heap scorn onto their opponents. Think there is a connection to our decline in the 21st century?

"She isn't young enough or pretty enough to be the President's wife."
--Newt Gringrich, to biographer Gail Sheehy on his first wife, 1980