Sunday, June 28

The Great Brain

Eitan reads "Me And My Little Brain" by John Fitzgerald, which I enjoyed about his age. Here I pay him £1 to take this photograph.

The kids anticipate their "Candy Sale" by getting Sonnet to bake cookies and a trip to the newspaper agents to buy liquorice, skittles, and gummie bears. Eitan draws up ten posters, which are placed on a front window and dropped in a few mail slots. At one-thirty sharp, a lawn chair set up in front (Eitan: "come on, mom, it is 1:28!"). The one hour affair nets £3.65 including six cookies to our neighbors Mike and Jill. And lest you think the outcome a tad dire from a business outcome, never in life need you worry. The kids have a few extra pounds plus they suckered their mom into making cookies they otherwise would not be eating now in front of the television. I appreciate my industrialists and their industiousness. The way this is going both will have a paper route in no time at all (assuming there's a newspaper left to be delivered).

Madeleine's homework: "Make a travel brochure. To make this activity more fun and easier, please get a travel brochure from an agent. The child then makes up their own description and ideas. For example, transport, how to get there; hotel- describe the bedrooms, pools and facilities &c. Food- describe meals available, times, &c. Activities - excursions - what can families do whilst there .. Children can cut out or draw pictures and make up two or three sentences about each topic."
Madeleine groans, "Noooooo .. ooooooo"

Madeleine sings (over and over): "There was a great big moose, who drank a lot of juice."