Wednesday, June 24


Moe took this photo, which he developed in his dark room at 1860 San Ramon in 1969 or 1970, or shortly after my parents moved from San Francisco to Berkeley. My guess is Briones Park in the East Bay. Man, the planet turns and we get older. My 42 birthday Saturday which is one of those years nobody thinks about until they are it. Turning a decade always a big deal, and 33 important since somehow I started feeling like an adult.. kids will do that to you fast. Any year during my 20s either utterly confused/miserable/desperate or completely exhilarating, depending on my reflective mood or sobriety. Post college I got hammered at First Boston and lost my college sweet heart. Nothing particularly good about that. From 25-26 I lived with my parents and got to know them as a (mostly) independent (and nearly broke) human being while I dated Sonnet and ran non-profit HTWS with retired Lt. Colonel and alcoholic Wayne Cannon. We boozed in some great places in Latin America and Africa seeing well beyond the post-card perfect beaches and typical tourist attractions. We also set up eye-care programs still in operations today. My salary was $1,000 per month+air fare. Those were most excellent times indeed. My 30s saw a little more stability until my Internet company went tits up in the midst of having a couple of sprogues. And the transition to London was not altogether smooth since all I've ever really wanted from life is to be in Northern California.. but we are beyond that and love our river-city. The economy a mess for sure yet there is always opportunity somewhere. As I tell Sonnet: we've never missed a meal yet. Each decade sets up the next and I am feeling pretty good about how things continue to roll along.