Friday, July 11

Report Card

Sonnet reads Madeleine's report card this morning - pictured. 

One would never guess that it is pretty good: Madeleine is a hard working student and has made terrific progress in her reading, writing, maths and sciences. When asked to comment on something, anything, she has learned this past year she recalls "making frogs from seeds" and describes the process from egg to tadpole to "little frog" than "big frog." Eitan adds helpfully: "did you know the tadpoles eat their tails for energy?" 

Madeleine notes that Eitan explains things to her - which is nice feedback for him and indicates a bit of older-sibling worship, which we know is going on in the private cosmos that is theirs. On that subject, Sonnet learns at a school drinks the other night that the school mums find Eitan "dreamy" and there is some discussion about which of the girls may fancy his hand (!) - this would make him shudder in horror, Dear Father. 

Further, the reception kids (two years younger) line up on the fence to watch our Eitan play football. Sometimes he allows them to take shots on goal, he being the goal keeper. Is our little man Big Man On Campus? From what I can tell, he remains humble on it all and the idea of girls makes him run.