Friday, July 11

On Being Gyped

Madeleine works on a puzzle-book this morning. She and Eitan have been at each other's throats, er, have been sensitive towards each other, regarding attention or more specifically: who gets more of it. I bring two same presents home from a trip: Madeleine wants Eitan's. I serve ice cream in equal bowls: both feel gyped and squeal "unfair!". Madeleine wants Eitan's bedroom; Eitan wants her money. Madeleine wants her money back. And so it goes. I fully appreciate the kids views on fairness and we try to make things pari passu. Sometimes though it is hard not to tease like this week returning from Denmark when I gave Eitan a present and told Madeleine I did not have one for her. Oh boy- won't be doing that again (Sonnet and Natasha thought my little prank beyond the bounds). These things build up over time and sometimes the only thing to do is talk about it at McDonalds or some other favorite place. The main thing is our attention and love, which is unequivocally split down the middle. This they know in abundance - I know because I ask them frequently enough.

No doubt the kids have been working hard in school and at their activities and everybody needs a holiday so next week cannot come soon enough. It doesn't help that Eitan has been setting his alarm clock at ever earlier hours until Sonnet screamed - enough! - at 4:30AM. Don't ask me why he does this.

Madeleine, blowing her nose: "Something in there just moved."

Eitan begs me to quiz him on football. When I ask him if Rinaldo has a girlfriend, he gets pissed. When I ask Wayne Rooney's wife, the game stops.