Wednesday, December 9


I am in Copenhagen, pictured, yesterday for one meeting, which goes well.  I fly in. I fly out. CO2 footprint not good. 

The city otherwise kicks off the Climate Summit and, strangely, feels empty. No problem getting a taxi nor road congestion and the town's center, where I am today, low on foot-traffic.  The Danes, I suppose, stay away as I will do from London in 2012. Obama is to be here for the opening. He brings with him the Supreme's 2007 decision to allow the Environmental Protection Agency to respond to international environment threats including green house gases. That one was close too - 5-4 - and handed the nit wit a stinging defeat.  

But I digress. Obama has the power to get behind the environment and we had better.  America has polluted the most, for the longest, and must lead the world back by example. The argument that US industry a more efficient use of carbons or unemployment or whatever no excuse.  Humans dumped one-half trillion tons (one trillion BTW has 12-zeros after the '1') of carbons into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution and we will do so again by mid-century. Or sooner. I.  Am.  Stressed.  

Copenhagan a beautiful city, well maintained and charming especially this time of year with Christmas lights and store-front candles. I have been here often enough to know my way around and able to connect the various bits: seafront to old city, palace and shopping - I buy some Acme Jeans (cool gay dude fits me out).  Oh, well, for the museum this time.  I learn that income taxes in DK 67%, but will be reduced to 57% from next year. The capital gains rate from 39% to 59% but usually 25% depending on period of holding and other such things. No wonder entrepreneurialsim dead - why bother? A charming, secure lifestyle with limited to no growth yet good hospitals and schools, new infrastructure and protections for the poor and elderly.  Could the US be the same? Would we wish to be?

"Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us."
--Henrik Tikkanen