Tuesday, October 21

New Sheriff

Let us hope. Even Dale concedes that the "New Messiah" has earned the right to be President following McC's poorly run campaign. He tells me he is saving his money for the next election. I love the "robo call" which is political spam. Robo calls are popular because they cost a fraction of the second class poste and not surprisingly the party with less money is using them relentlessly - in some swing states, it is not unusual to get 15 robo calls a day. McC was slimed big-time by robo calls in 2000 and denounced such a tactic; Sunday when reminded of this he replied: "these are legitimate and truthful" messages connecting, for instance, Obama and Ayers. It seems pretty gosh darn obvious that these contacts might drive the typical voter, well, bat-shit crazy and you betcha it has: the recoil includes McC's Maine Co-Chair Susan Collins who has demanded McC stop using them (she is in a tough Senate race herself). Of course there is a simple way to prevent robo calls - simply unplug the telephone, which is what my in-laws have done in Colorado. Bravo.