Saturday, August 9

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Here are the little dudes doing their favorite thing: watching television. I'm pretty sure if we left food and water, we could leave the kids for, like, a week. Sonnet an I have a date last night at the movies - "Pineapple Express" (adolescent, violent - great). Two teen-agers baby-sit and I remark the divide - they are clearly not impressed by my orange cowboy hat and white flit-flops, though we make back some ground with our SUV as one remarks slyly: "sweet ride." Yes, to them, we are adults and I suppose we are too. Today we head to the Ridgeway Craft Fair where Aunt Robin sells her big and beautiful Southwest Jewelry. Sonnet now stresses to get us out of the hotel ("can't you do something to help us get out of here?" she pleads just now, angrily). And so I go, brother. We are outta here.