Thursday, April 2

Tuck Shop

"Girl On The Train"
Eitan brings his monkey suit to France, good on him. He finishes "Girl On The Train" by Paula Hawkins which is about "a girl who's an alcoholic and has a pretty terrible life and she takes the same train twice a day and can look into all the houses she passes. There's this one couple that reminds her of her ex husband. She creates an imaginary story from what she sees of them and what she thinks is a perfect life. One day she finds out that the women has gone missing, and she tries to get to the bottom of who killed her. She kind of goes into their world, meets the husband, sees the house, and finds out about their past lives. And stuff."

We buy oysters from a seaside shop; Madeleine on the water cage: "That would be a nice place to live."

Sonnet: "Eitan you have such big feet."
Me: "You know what they say about big feet, don't you?"
Madeleine: "Dad!"
Me: "Big feet, big hands."
Madeleine: "Oh, yeah, right Dad. Like that was what you were really going to say."
Me: "What did you think I was going to say? Oh, that Eitan has a big willy?"
Eitan: "Hahaha."
Sonnet: "Don't listen to your father."

We have a discussion about school.
Me: "So what do you guys do when you get hungry?"
Madeleine: "We go to the tuck shop."
Me: "What's the tock shop?"
Madeleine: "The tuck shop. It's where we go to get snacks."
Me: "It's where you go to get sex?"
Me: "That's what I thought you said. Look, really, my hearing is going."
Sonnet: "It must be the British accent."
(Madeleine rolls her eyes)