Wednesday, February 18

On Spider Man

Madeleine: "How much do you think the first Spider Man is worth?"
Me: "'The Amazing Spider Man' or 'Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider Man?'" [Dad's note: my Spider Man collection includes 'Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider Man' in vintage condition from 1-50. I also own 'The Amazing Spider Man' from around #100]
Madeleine: "'Peter Parker.'"
Me: "I don't know. Maybe 75 dollars. .."
Madeleine: "What!? Is that all ?"
Me: "That's a lot considering I paid 25 cents for it."
Madeleine: "I thought it would be worth more."
Me: "How many times is it worth now to when I first bought it?"
Madeleine: "Oh, no, not that !"
Me: "A figure, please."
Madeleine: "Uh, 300?"
Me: "Wow, you're right. That was one hell of a guess. What are the odds on that?"
Madeleine: "Is it right?"
Me: "How did you get 300?"
Madeleine: "It was easy. 25 goes into 75 three times and, um,  I added two zeros to go from 25 cents to dollars."
Eitan: "What's so funny Dad?"
Madeleine: "It's still right isn't it ?"

We watch a TV add for L'Oreal's "Punky" mascara. Me: "Do you wear it? You're the target audience."
Madeleine: "No. And I'm not the target audience because I don't wear mascara."
Me: "All these ads do is sell junk."
Madeleine: "Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to pay for it? What if you could trade for other stuff?"
Me: "That's a great idea. You could call it junk-for-junk dot com."
Madeleine: "I would use it."
Me: "So would I."