Monday, December 22

Paris Montage

Madeleine finishes "To Kill A Mocking Bird" while Eitan re reads (perhaps my favorite) "Lonesome Dove." Sonnet attacks four back issues of the New Yorker. I work away on the train trying to finish up various emails and projects by the end of the year.
 Notre Dame
Eitan: "Is that Notre dame?"
Me: "You're killing me. That's like being in California and asking what ocean that is."
Me: "You know it's the Pacific, right?"
Eitan: "Is it a church ?"
Me: "Ug."
 The Marais
Madeleine: "How much would you give me if I jumped in the Seine right now?"
 The Pantheon, 5e
Auntie Katie Arrives
At the Natural History Museum in Paris. Madeleine: "Did they have to kill all these animals to get them here?"
Me:  "Yep. Unless they were road kill."
Madeleine: "This is why I have a problem with natural history museums. It's so unfair."
Me: "Not if you're a taxidermist."
M: "Huh ?"
Me: "Stuffing the animals. It's a pretty good living."
M: "Whatever, Dad."
Me: "It just depends on your perspective. As with most things in life."
 Eiffel Tower
Madeleine sees the Eiffel Tower: "Woa! I didn't realise it was right there."
A Normal Interaction