Monday, December 30

Movie Night

Oxo Tower

Grace picks a movie, which she has brought from California: "The Wind And The Lion".
Sonnet: "Will you go get your son?" [Dad's note: Eitan is watching "Made in Chelsea"]
Madeleine: "Is it in black and white?"
Me: "It's about old people. The average age is over 50" [Madeleine looks at me in horror]
Grace: "Oh cut it out. Don't let your father tease you like that."
Me: "Put the movie in and let's get this thing over with."
Sonnet: "I had a dream of Sean Connery last night." [Dad's note: the movie stars Sean Connery.]
Grace: "That's nice. Was it a good dream?"
Moe: "Great opening scene, Grace" [Dad's note: Moe lies on the couch where he will fall asleep]
Katie reads a book: "There was no Internet in 1904" [The movie takes place in 1904]
Grace: "Just watch the movie."