Saturday, November 16

Wonder Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman

I catch the late-night tail end of "Wonder Woman" which aired from 1975-79. It is camp and sexist and lends the idea that anybody could make a TV sitcom in the 1970s given the production quality and acting .. . But the wonderful Lynda Carter takes it in stride, catching bullets with her bracelets (winking at me slyly) and pulling down doors like macaroni. Her breasts thrust forward with the first Wonder Bra.

The thing is, the world watched these shows and formed their views (and perhaps world views) on US culture from Starsky & Hutch, Laverne & Shirley, Dallas, The Love Boat . .. Fantasy Island.  Justin and I discuss this at some length. At least those shows upbeat, positive and a bit wacky. Now the programs (which I love) are dark: Mad Men. Sopranos. The Wire. Breaking Bad.  The world has changed and the US has moved to black.

The theme song catches the era:

"In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights
And the old Red, White and Bluuueeee! "

(ending emphasis mine)

Me: "It's so belittling."
Sonnet: "There are many words one could use."
Me: "Such as?"
Sonnet: "Insulting. Possibly misogynistic."

Eitan stumbles into the kitchen. Sonnet: "It's a monosyllabic morning."