Wednesday, November 27

Self Portrait XXXIII

Platform 1

To get to Mayfair, where most of my dates occur, I catch an overline train to Waterloo then two stops on the underground (or sometimes I walk, enjoying the river and St James's park).  Waterloo is a major hub for the suburbs though nothing like Grand Central Station, NY, surrounded by Manhattan, forcing trains underground before the terminus. No, Waterloo never as urban nor grand but it does function efficiently whisking along blue and white collars, including me, across town.

Madeleine pulls a "1" (top-marks) in PE this term as she goes from a 9.9 to 11 on the standardised fitness test, though I don't know the scale. The school average, Ms W informs us, is a 3.  She beats all the boys in her form and some of the year 9s.  She gets her athleticism from climbing trees.