Friday, November 29


Eitan competes the Borough CC championships so Aneta, Rusty and I head for Pembroke Lodge in the centre of Richmond Park to catch the action.  The Hampton bus arrives and the boys fall out to begin their pre-race preparations; Eitan does his very best to ignore us (hard to do when Dad places himself in front of 300 runners to take action photos and the dog barks likes a maniac).

This year the year-8s and 9s combined and the distance doubles to two loops of the familiar course or about 3km.  Eitan off with a bang! and, half-way, in the leaders-group seeming in control and relaxed. When the boys round the final bend for the home straight, puffing and steaming, Eitan in a comfortable fourth place which he holds to the finish. His place qualifies him for the county champs in 2014.  From there (top 5) it's the British Nationals.

Me: "Are you happy with  your performance?"
Eitan: "Yeah, it was alright."