Sunday, July 21

Summer Hours

Eitan contemplates chores

Madeleine: "Can we play the 'comparison game?'"
Me: "Sure."
Madeleine: "Would you rather fall in a pit full of spikes and rattlesnakes or get run over by a go-cart with electric things and stuff that would burn you?"
Me: "Would I die in both cases?"
Madeleine: "Let's say 'yes.'"
Me: "Go-cart.  Would you rather jump from the Empire State Building on to a bed of shattered glass or be eaten alive by a centipede?"
Madeleine: "Jump from the Empire State Building, if I didn't have a choice. Plus I would probably be dead before I hit the ground."
Me: "Good point, you are always two steps ahead of me."
Madeleine: "Yep."