Saturday, July 6


Eitan and Marc

Eitan and I at the Elm Grove home pitch for the final wrap on their wonderful, magical, season.  Today, a hot day, is filled with team spirit, BBQ and beer; the women bring all sorts of foods and dips and we sit under canopies and re live games and goals covering two years.  It is a good crew, a group I will miss next season and beyond as Eitan no longer with the Allstars as Marc stepping back as coach.

Eitan selected the 'Player's Player 'and the 'Parent's Player' of the season, unusually taking the two most coveted awards, and Coach unable to chose a Manager's player as every lad deserves it.  There are smiles and hi fives all around as Eitan's teammates and everybody clap him on the back and congratulate his and their success.

I am filled with pride at Eitan's comportment - he allows himself a bashful smile - then off the stage as quickly as possible. This has been his style always.