Sunday, July 14

Ray Bans

Portobello Rd

Eitan thinking about his look. Fun to watch.

Madeleine: "Look at those bugs."
Sonnet: "The little blood suckers."
Madeleine: "Wack 'em, Dad."
Me: "All creatures great and small."
Madeleine: "Accept for mosquitoes. And leeches. "
Me: "How about locusts?"
Madeleine: "No, they're too much like crickets and I like crickets."
Me: "How about their, like, eating an entire crop and killing some village in Africa?"
Madeleine: "OK, locusts too, Dad."
Me: "What about blood sucking newts?"
Madeleine: "Definitely not."

Madeleine: "Good night, Dad."
Me: "Madeleine, you are everything I could ever want."
Madeleine: "Cheesy."
Me: "But true."
[I get a direct look and a smile]