Wednesday, March 20


My offices

Justin and Will in town for a conference hosted by an one of Industry Ventures' portfolio companies - a €30 million ticket so they better show up.  We have dinner with a pension fund from the West Midlands. We are at the surprisingly good Institute of Directors (IoD) which is tres old school with a cocktail lounge and accompanying dining hall - perfect for our guest.  From there it is a drink at Dukes then home where I change in the hallway so as not to wake Sonnet (it is 10PM).

Madeleine: "I am reading such a good book. It's called 'Holes'.
Me: "is it about holes?"
Me: "Ok, just tell me about it."
Madeleine puts her head on the counter.
Me: "Just try please."
Madeleine: "A boy is wrongly accused of stealing a pair of trainers. He goes to a juvenile camp. He has to build a hole in the desert with the other boys."
Me: "Cool."
Madeleine: "The people in the camp say it builds character and it can turn bad boys into good boys. You can also die in a matter of days if you are not careful because of snakes and scorpions."
Me: "Exciting."
Madeleine: "I am going now. The end. Bye."