Thursday, January 31

Weird Times

Here's one from business school - I'm not really sure what happened to this guy.  I do recall he wrote a weekly for the "Bottom Line" newspaper where yours, truly, the Chief Editor, a title I shared with two others, in our spare time.  The paper took in money from i banks and consultants who advertised jobs to the graduate students. I decided we, the editors, should get paid and so negotiated a contract with the Dean's office which gave us a healthy cut of the profits; I then raised the ad rates and we did something like $80K net, which covered most of our trip to Central Asia.

Me: "How was school today."
Eitan: "Fine, we are doing the planets."
Me: "Fun."
Eitan: "When the teacher said 'Uranus' every one was trying hard not to laugh."
Me: "Oh?"
Eitan: "He said, 'and since 2001 we've seen Uranus 200 times.' Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Eitan: "You must admit, it's pretty funny Dad."