Tuesday, January 1

Snow Boots

Eitan: "Mom! Did you know a gold fish can remember things for three seconds?"
Madeleine: "And you can't slam your car door in Switzerland."
Sonnet: "That's nice to know, dear."
Eitan: "Charles de Gaulle's final words were "It hurts."
Me: "Having fun there, Eitan?"
Eitan: "I downloaded an App."
Eitan: "A peanut is not a nut. it is a legume."
Me: "Nicely done."
Eitan: "Men can read small print better then women but women can hear better than men."
Eitan: "Owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue."
Eitan: "The percent of Africa that is wilderness is 28%."
Eitan: "Hamsters love to eat crickets."
Me: "They do?"
Madeleine: "We would never do that. Feed a hamster a cricket."
Me: "No way."
Eitan: "You cannot keep your eyes open when you sneeze."
Me: "Do you believe all that stuff?"
Eitan: "Yes. It says so right here."
Me: "From there to college. Go get 'em, kid."