Monday, April 9

Marcus And Sonnet

Brother and sister

Marcus and Adrianne's wedding day goes to plan. We awake to glorious sunshine and ready ourselves for the festivities which means an hour of preparation for Sonnet and a two-minute shower for me (Grace stays at the hotel since Maggie bites the bride's niece on the face).

The kids have to be roused from their slumber-party in Auntie Katie's room, where they have been sleeping all week; both eager to don their skinny ties and full-Windsor knots, something new for me but happily I have instructions from Macy's where I buy my lavender shirt.  Madeleine insists on a pocket kerchief and a silver tie-pin which she wears with her khaki trousers, similar to Eitan.  Both kids look fab in a 10 and 11 year old sort of way.

The bride and groom show up and in good form.