Sunday, March 18

San Fran - Madeleine Dishes

San Francisco - fog free! - from an oblique-angle in 2004.  Image from the Space Imaging and NASA Earth Observatory.

Madeleine refuses to finish dinner and so we stair at each other across the table.  No desert, Sonnet-made chocolate chip cookies+vanilla ice cream, unless she eats her rice and chick peas (she glares at me).  I helpfully remind the girl that she had plenty of room for the ice cream truck (she uses her fork to spread some chicken across her plate).  Lying back in her chair, big sigh : "I'm done." When this don't fly it's both elbows on table and the scratch of cutlery on plate. Poke, poke, poke.  "You know, Dad, you always spend time on your computer and never with us" but I know her game: she aims to distract from the subject-to-hand. "Are you going to make me eat the bones or what?" Finally, I compromise: three bites but I am the judge re size. She measures each to the acceptable limit, Dear Reader, and quickly fills her mouth before I require more. Then bolts.