Sunday, March 4


Madeleine and I to the pet store for a lizard and I am ready to do the deal, too. Ready, that is, until I learn that the Crested Gecko that we contemplate .. eats black crickets, which are sold in batches of 60.   The salesman, helpfully: "They live for, like, a week."  Madeleine justifiably upset when she learns we will get a lizard that eats less disgusting things. Like mealworms.  Sonnet thanks me for this, later, in a private moment.

My photo, taken somewhere in Colorado, is not a Crested Gecko, despite its eating a cricket.

Speaking of Lizards, a fired-up South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham , after meeting "a frustrated" hawk Benjamin Netanyahu, re Iran : “It’s not just about the Jewish vote and 2012. It’s about reassuring people who want to avoid war that the United States will do what’s necessary.”  I.e, go to war.  The Republicans must have small dicks or something.