Sunday, January 29


Rusty in the park.

Stephan and Barbara+their three charming kids over for lunch and a (Rusty) walk in Richmond Park .  We catch up since the wedding.

Eitan: "Can I have some crisps?"
Me: "What's for dinner?"
Sonnet: "We're not having dinner. After such a big lunch."
Me: "I'm hungry."
Madeleine: "Me, too."
Sonnet: "How about sardines on toast?"
Eitan: "Blahk. I hate it."
Me: "Madeleine, how about if I give you twenty-pounds and you go to Waitrose and get us something from there."
Madeleine: "Yeah, right, Dad."
Madeleine: "You do owe me £20 you know."

Madeleine: "I cannot eat an entire tin of sardines.  It is disgusting." 

Madeleine: "Eitan!  You ate Uncle Anthony's sweets!"
Eitan: "I did not!"
Me: "It might not have been Eitan."
Madeleine: "Dad, how could you ?!"
Me: "Look - I will get you some more."
Madeleine: "They were my birthday present."
Me: "I'm sorry. They were just sitting there."
Madeleine: "Make it sweets, not chocolate."
Eitan: "Busted, Dad."

Sonnet: "So how was 'Revolution' last night?"
Kamila (our Czech au pair): "It was fine. There were a lot of people there."
Sonnet: "How old are they?"
Kamila: "They are a bit older, maybe 23-years old. .."
Sonnet: "Is that so ?"
Kamila: "There were two older women dancing. They were maybe 50."
Kamila: "It was disgusting."