Thursday, November 24

Comics & Comix

To the kids great pleasure (and my secret enjoyment), Stan sends the Sunday funnies from the Montrose Daily Press.  They are all there, too : Doonesbury (my all-time favorite), Garfield (what is that rascal up to this week?), Blondie (I always think of Roger), The Peanuts (my first comic), For Better Or For Worse (I've followed the family story-line since 9th grade) and so on and so forth.  There is sometimes need to police the grabbing but, for the most part, the Shakespeares well behaved when it comes to the breakfast table sharing.

Eitan uses his mobile phone to inform me he will be late coming home as he watches a school football match. Yep, we enter the Next Stage. Slowly, but surely, she comes.