Sunday, November 6


Elm Grove defeats the Barnes Eagles 5-2 in an exciting match with the lads down 2-1 before storming back in the second half and the game tied  at the middle mark.  Eitan assigned middle-back, a new position, and Jack (pictured) the sweeper. Together, they are the All Stars' defense and, with the job, comes the pressure:  The Dads yell and shout if a ball gets by and Alphie, the goal-keeper, quick to blame. Still, Coach heaps praise on the boys , and appreciates that the back-field cedes glory to the strikers and wingers, Eitan's natural position. I ask him if he wants to return to the left wing but he is happy to go with what Coach says best for the team. And , besides, his way not to question authority.

Me: "What time did Kamila come in last night?"
Sonnet: "5AM."
Me: "You heard her?"
Sonnet: "Yes."
Me: "Just like a mother..."
Sonnet: "I am a mother."
Madeleine: "Can I practice my trumpet?"
Sonnet: "Let's let Kamila sleep a while, shall we?"
Madeleine: "But I will play softly."
Me: "You'll play softly."
Madeleine: "I can, Dad. It's only the trumpet."
Me: "Like yesterday when you were blasting away at 8:30AM."
Madeleine: "It was not blasting. I was practicing Jingle Bells."
Sonnet: "We know, honey, but let's wait for a little bit."