Saturday, October 1


gore (gôr) n. Blood, especially coagulated blood from a wound.

Pictured, a live work of art : a Japanese woman binds her wrists and legs, blindfolds herself red, and allows children to shoot her with mucousy syrup. The kids become increasingly aggressive : at first they are respectful of their charge and hesitant to harm her. By end, which is broken up by one of the photographers, her position disdained.

Eitan: "Have you tried these grapes?"
Me: "No."
Eitan: "Listen to my teeth delicately break the skin. .."
Me: "That's nice."
Eitan: "Good, isn't it?"
Me: "You certainly are a grape connoisseur."
Eitan: "Now I am crushing the flesh, scooping it out from the inside."
Me: "Can we stop this now?"