Tuesday, August 23

Thank You's

Sonnet in black pearls @ Stephan's wedding in June.

Eitan: "I'll do three."
Me: "You will do all of them."
Eitan: "Three, Dad, that's what I agreed with mom. Three a day."
Me: "I remember having to write thank you letters. But you know what? One day you'll actually want to send them."
E: "No way."
Me: "You'll enjoy writing them because you have been brought up to be civilised."
Eitab: "No I haven't!"
Madeleine: "Yeah, Dad, he was raised by a pack of wolves."
Eitan: "A pack of wolves."
Me: "Just finish them please."
Eitan: "I have to do this one again because I drew a picture of Rusty [Eitan shows me his letter] and it looks like he's having a pee. "
Me: "It looks like his willy."
Eitan: "It's his tail!"
Me: "Oh, great : Dear grandma and grandpa, thank you for all the presents this summer. Here is rusty peeing."
Eitan: "Ha ha ha!"
Me: "Well I'm glad you think it's funny."
Madeleine: "You're not going to send that, are you Eitan?"
Eitan: "I don't know."
Me: "Ever want to watch TV again?"
Eitan: "Yes."
Me: "Start over and draw the dog . Without his willy."
Eitan: "I hate writing letters."
Madeleine: "Are you going to punish Eitan?"
Me: "Look, you two, just finish your letters."
Eitan: "OK."
Me: "Thank you."
Eitan: "But only three."