Tuesday, August 9

Texas Wedgie

Sonnet prepares dinner at her parents house.

Me: "Have you ever had a Melvin?"
Madeleine: "What's that?"
Me: "A wedgie. ."
Madeleine: "We call them a Texas Wedgie."
Me: "Oh? What's that then?"
Madeleine: "It's when you grab both sides of someone's pants and do this" [Madeleine puts both arms above head]
Me: "Have you done this in school?"
Me: "Yes, the last time was Harry. And only when he needs it. Billy had to put his hair back in school and Harry was laughing at him so we chased him across the yard. I caught him, Nathaniel held him. And Alex gave him a Texas Wedgie."
Madeleine: "And he never laughed at Billy again."
Sonnet: "Harry got a Texas Wedgie? That's mean."
Madeleine: "That's life, Mom."