Tuesday, August 9

The Shakespeares Sleep In ~ Riots And Cleaning

Madeleine, tidying room: "So, really, Dad, it's always me scratching your back."
Me: "Hey, do you know there are riots in London?"
Madeleine: "So?"
Me: "Good point."
Madeleine: "You are always making me do things I don't want. Can't you do it yourself for once?"
Me: "What fun would that be?"
Madeleine: "Can you at least pick up your clothes?"
Me: "You do it."
Madeleine: "You're just being lazy. All you're looking for is a slave."
Me: "They are putting 16,000 police on the streets."
Madeleine: "Why?"
Me: "Riots."
adeleine: "Where are they, Dad?"
Me: "Northwest London. Not near us."
Madeleine: "Oh. It is so unfair."
Me: "The riots?"
Madeleine: "The cleaning."