Friday, August 19


Radio 4 reports on "safe places to keep valuables" and notes, when traveling, the hotel front-desk may be the least safe place for a simple reason : the traveler might forget one's items. Funny, then, that I check the family passports (American+British) at our hotel and, impatient to hit the road for Utah, engine revving, Sonnet remembers - passports ! No doubt my error otherwise discovered at DIA on the other side of the Rockies. An inconvenient, expensive, family-taxing instance narrowly averted; a marriage saved. Thank you, Sonnet.

Note from Ms. D, Madeleine's Yr 4 teacher re Madeleine's spelling : "Madeleine has made such great progress, she is showing a lot of maturity, taking responsibility for her spellings. Well done Madeleine!"

Eitan: "It would be so easy to rob the neighbors."
Eitan: "All I would have to do is climb over the garage and jump into their backyard. They never lock the doors."
Me: "That's a nice idea."
Madeleine: "Would you do it, Eitan?"
Eitan: "Well, I wouldn't get caught."
Madeleine: "They have gadgets and all kinds of stuff ."
Sonnet: "May we change this conversation, please?"