Saturday, May 7

Rock On

After the ramble I pick up Katy in Oxford and back to London. Katy has been in the UK for four years and is an interdisciplinary scholar and a senior researcher for the UK Energy Research Centre at OxfordU. "Her role is to integrate social and technical dimensions of changing building practices for a lower carbon future" and (from Oxford) :

"Katy has studied the interface between social and technical systems in the built environment since 1990 and is particularly interested in why different social groups decide to promote or reject environmental technologies. Social groups she has studied include: building designers, environmental advocates, and building users. Technical systems she studies include energy-efficiency techniques and green building strategies. Her research encompasses three principal areas:
Social dimensions of energy use;
Social, economic and environmental implications of ecological design; and
The relationship between environmental technology adoption and organizational decision-making.
Katy also leads the Worldwide Status of Energy Standards for Buildings project, an investigation of the worldwide status of energy standards for buildings in more than 80 countries linked to the legal status and building sector coverage of the standards in different countries."

Katy and I once danced ourselves silly Thursdays at "Funk Night", Freshman and Sophomore years @ Brown. We walked the couple hundred meters to campus bar "The Underground" where a dj spun beats and a lot of Prince . The weekends for frat and off-campus parties or the occasional concert somewhere downtown, Providence, but who had the dough? There was also studying but most of the learning elsewhere. At least, for me.