Tuesday, May 24

Any Night Out

Me: "So what do young people wear to the bars these days?"
Aneta: "Young people?"
Me: "Yeah, like the boys. What do they wear?"
Aneta: "There are men. And there are boys. The men wear suits."
Me: "What do the boys wear?"
Aneta: "I don't know. Maybe jeans I think."
Me: "And what do the girls wear? Dresses?"
Eitan, backseat: "Dad!"
Aneta: "They no wear dresses. It more like shirt. Over bottom."
Eitan: "A mini skirt!"
Aneta: "I see no skirt. And high heals - they walk not so well. And lots of make up."
Me: "And how about drinking? Do they drink too much?"
Aneta: "Oh, yes, it horrible. They lie in the street."
Me: "They do?"
Aneta: "Yes, the girls lie in the street. Sometimes boys too. It horrible"